Heart, Baby! is a powerful and inspiring true story that is very popular with members and friends of the LGBT communities.

Shawn-Caulin Young gives an outstanding performance as Crystal. Crystal was a transgender woman and head of the prison “sissies”. She came from a prominent and very wealthy Tennessee family who intentionally trumped up drug charges to ensure she received life in prison. She received a 50-year sentence for possession.

The family also had Crystal’s transgender cousin imprisoned; their way of getting rid of embarrassing family problems.

She may have been discarded and forgotten by her family but she was loved, respected and cherished by the people inside.


As a member of the trans community, I do not believe this is an LGBT movie, I believe this is an American story. It’s about love. It’s about God. It’s about America.

Brandon, Arizona

It inspires me and gives me so much hope. Love can cure all.

College Student, Vermont

Perhaps one of the most searing love stories I’ve never been told before.

College student, Vermont

It took me completely by surprise.
I feel really lucky that I got to see this. The whole world should see it.

Festival Director, Tennessee

As someone who has been around people who have been in prison, it jarred a part of me that I didn’t realize I could have in a film experience.

Activist and college student, Vermont

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Not only does this film have a transgender lead, it reveals the true story of Crystal who was a devout Christian and shows that the love of God, faith, and blessings are available for all, with no boundaries of gender, race, or political standing.